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Maxwell Life HVAC, Inc (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning ) is a company of experiencesed technicians and installers specializing in heating. We work on residential, commercial and industrial of projects.  Our team offer customers the highest quality services.



1. Air Conditioning Installation

2. Air Conditioning Repair

3. Air Conditioning Service

4. Air Duct Cleaning

5. Boiler Service

6. Commercial / Residential Air Conditioning Service

7. Commercial / Residential Air Duct Cleaning

8. Commercial / Residential Air Filtration

9.  Commercial / Residential HVAC Service

10. Commercial / Residential Heating System Service

11.Ductless Mini Split System Installation

12.Furnace Installation

13.Furnace Repair

14.Heat Pump Installation

15.Heat Pump Repair

16.Heating System Repair

17.Electric Coil Installation

18.Radiant Heating System Installation

19.Radiant Heating System Repair

20.Thermostat Installation


Why people love us?

Maxwell Life has established a solid reputation in the market through 10 years of work. Professional knowledge of all aspects of work HVAC work is the reason why our customers prefer our team.

1. Positive Attitude

2. Quick and efficient turnaround time

3. Innovation

4. Dedication to Quality and Service

5. Professionalism

6. We provide all services

7. Licensed and experiences team



P: 718.797.1991

P: 718.797.1996

Fax: 718.797.1995


Address: 54 A Richards Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

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